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I’m a very dynamic person who welcomes challenges. I like to assume responsibilities and new tasks to execute. The experience acquired in such different tasks allowed me to develop strong communication skills and organizational capacity.


  • Fullname: Luis Carlos Abreu Magalhães Ferreira
  • Job: Software Engineer
  • Email: luisabreuf83@gmail.com


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More of my credentials.

My professional career is full of different experiences and challenges. I started as self-taught programmer out of my love and curiosity for IT. I developed many software in different programming languages and operating systems. The most remarkable of my projects had the duration of 10 years and consisted in the implementation and development of an online service of file transfer with more than 200.000 active users. I performed all these tasks and more: web programming, web design, server configuration and security, software programming, marketing, customer service, payment control and automation, etc. Always having in mind that resources are limited, security is imperative and interaction with customer is the best marketing tool possible.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

February 2018 -


Working for Coupa in Basel - Switzerland as a software engineer due to the acquisition of Simeno with focus on the iSearch.

Software Engineer

January 2017 - February 2018

Simeno Systems AG

Working for Simeno Systems AG in Basel – Switzerland as a software engineer developing innovative software solutions for the e-procurement ecosystem.

Key developer in the iSearch (Intelligent live / offline search system).
External catalogs enhancement.
myCatalogPool developer.
PHP / Javascript / Mysql / Soap.

Software Engineer

August 2016 - October 2016

EOT / Espaço Académico

Development of software for iOS in Swift to view data and setup a device that controls energy consumption in real time and another one for restaurants / bars / clubs.

Software Engineer

January 2015 - Dec. 2015

Clinica Scipioni

Development of a Web System to manage patient records, schedule appointments, budgets in PDF and several other features, programmed in PHP, MySql, JavaScript (own code, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, etc).

Software Engineer

January 2003 - Dec. 2012


Implementation and development of a new concept in Portugal, an online service of file transfer based on the BitTorrent protocol with more than 200.000 users. Complete design of the whole system including user interface based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySql. Development of specific software which allowed secure connections between user interface and server. Configuration of Linux servers with implementation of innovative security tools and enhancing performance of web services (Apache e MySql). Development of systems which allowed balancing the load of servers on situations of high use.

Software Engineer

January 2003 - Dec. 2003

Canal Leilões

Development of and auctions website in PHP and MySql.

Web Designer

January 2001 - Dec. 2002


Creation of an on-line community for students of Colégio de Santa Doroteia, based in HTML and FLASH. Content Management Systems in PHP and MYSQL.


ISTA Top Talent

May 2017

ISCTE-IUL University

Merit publicly recognized with a diploma as one of the top students with the best final grade at ISCTE University.

Bachelor Degree

September 2012 - Jully 2016

ISCTE-IUL University

Computer Science and Business Management with an overall classification of 16 [0-20] and an ECTS grading scale of A.
Curricular Plan
Grades at programming I would like to point:
17 [0-20] Introduction to Programming (Java)
19 [0-20] Object Oriented Programming (Java)
18 [0-20] Concurrent and Parallel Programming (Java)

International Mobility

August 2014 - December 2015

Florianópolis Brasil

Grades I would like to point:
10 [0-10] Digital Networks I, II and III - Fundamentals; Systems, Applications and Services; Security, Multimedia and Management
10 [0-10] Web Programming I and II (HTML; JavaScript; JSP; MYSQL)

Certificate of Advanced English

July 2002

University of Cambridge

Reference Number: 026PT0095159


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